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Situated at the Silver Lakes Golf Academy facility, the McKenna Performance Academy is ideally situated to offer premium performance solutions.

The McKenna Performance Academy is an athlete performance and player management centre. Our main objective is to develop athletes to participate with confidence in highly competitive local, amateur, national and international levels while maintaining a “Golfer for life” philosophy.

We offer a wide variety of performance, golf and academic programmes. These opportunities combined with the wonderful weather of the Highveld, situated 1350 meters above sea level, provide the ideal environment for all levels of training, development and fun.


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Silver Lakes Golf Estate

Situated in the east of Pretoria in South Africa’s Gauteng province, Silver Lakes derives its name from the numerous lakes around which the course was built, with the most beautiful ‘silver’ sunsets over the water. With a signature 18-hole Peter Matkovich designed golf course, the Estate offers a tranquil lifestyle to its residents which includes fishing opportunities in our numerous natural dams, two tennis courts, two squash courts, a game reserve filled with local buck and small animals, nature hiking trails & other fun activities.


With a pedigree going back 80 years, Titleist is one of the most respected brands in golf, providing tournament class balls, clubs, bags and accessories to professional and amateur golfers across the globe. Utilizing advanced equipment fitting methods, detailed swing analysis, and science-based player conditioning, Titleist is our preferred fitting partner.

Andrew McKenna, founder of McKenna Academies

Andrew McKenna

With over 25 years' experience in managing and optimising golf management solutions, Andrew's core focus has always been driving growth and clearly-defined business strategies in the golf industry with phenomenal success. He is the CEO and founder of the McKenna Academies, which includes the world-renowned African Turf Academy and the McKenna Performance Academy.

Morne Breedt of McKenna Academies

Morné Breedt

Morné is the Commercial Manager of McKenna Academies and has a passion to establishing sustainable business growth within the group of companies. His keen eye for detail, IT experience and proactive nature reaffirms the McKenna brand positioning of 'Growing your Future' for both African Turf Academy, as well as the McKenna Performance Academy.

McKenna Performance Academy at McKenna Academies
McKenna Performance Academy at McKenna Academies
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